Skincare Routine on Vacation: Basic Skincare

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Yey! It’s summer! Time for holiday and going on vacation. I know that not everybody goes on vacation due to the pandemic situation at this moment but for some people who still going maybe these are some good tips on how to keep up with your skincare routine while on vacation. ^ ^

  • Keep it simple, it is good to keep your skincare routine as it is but keep it basic. For example, you can leave out oil/balm cleansing, toner, scrubs and face masks. Instead you can use cleansing wipes and sheet masks as they don’t take much space and are very light. 
  • Never ever forget to bring your SPF! Wherever you go SPF is the most important thing to protect your face/body from the UV rays.

  • While you might get tempted to get new mini skincare products because they have it on travel size, it might be not a good idea to try new skincare products on your vacation. So, stick on your skincare products, it would be better to get small bottles or a kit where you can put some of your own skincare products in*.

* Keep in mind that not all skincare products can be transferred. Some might lose their effectiveness.

  • If you are on treatments, don’t forget to bring them. Because even though you are on vacation your face doesn’t know it. For holiday with lots of sun exposure, it's wise to avoid acid products since they'll make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. Or suspend them a few days before you go on holidays just to be safe.
  • Are you going to travel with the plane? It’s not a bad idea to have a sheet mask on your bag to keep your face moist during the flight. It might scare some other passenger though 😊

I hope these tips are useful! Happy Holidays!

Do you have more tips and trick? Feel free to share it with us! 😉 What are your must have skincare products for vacation?

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