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Beauty of Joseon is one of the k-beauty brand that we've fallen in love with right away, not only because of its cute packaging but also the clean Hanbang ingredients in their skin care products.

Inspired by the Joseon era, Beauty of Joseon is a Korean skin care brand that focuses on creating a clean and clear skin. A brand that has reinterpreted the unchanging beauty and the traditional methods from nature into a modern day skincare.

So to get to know more of some of their skincare products, let us share the thoughts and product review from the beauty blogger Eline.


🌸 Apricot Peeling Gel 🌸⁣

📷by: @naturalbeautycorner_

⁣The peeling gel is supposed to exfoliate the face to reveal brighter-looking and glowing skin. It is hypoallergenic and mild to the skin.⁣
Key Ingredients: Apricot Blossom (moisturizing), Plum extract (exfoliating) & Apple extract (natural AHA, exfoliating).⁣
Texture & Scent: The peeling gel has that typical texture that most peeling gels have. It goes on the skin clear and gel like, but balls up when you rub it. This makes for a gentle physical exfoliator. The smell is subtle but very nice, it smells like the apricot blossom.⁣
My Experience: I have really enjoyed using this peeling gel. It works well and leaves the skin soft and glowy. If you like physical exfoliators, you would probably really like this. I am more of a chemical exfoliator girl, but do like to use this every once in a while. My skin is sensitive but didn't get irritated by this product.⁣

Overall this is a great peeling gel! It makes the skin super soft and bright without irritating it. The packaging is also super pretty and aesthetically pleasing.⁣


☁️ Pure Cloud Bubble Toner ☁️⁣

📷by: @naturalbeautycorner_

⁣⁣This vegan-friendly toner is formulated with EWG Green Grade ingredients. It is a weightless toner that is supposed to hydrate and revive the skin. It should leave you with subtly-glowing skin.⁣
Key Ingredients: Sugar Cane extract (exfoliating), Eggplant extract & Tea Tree extract (anti-inflammatory, sebum minimizing) and Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing).⁣
Texture: This toner really has a foam texture. It feels so soft on the skin, actually like a cloud. It also makes it super fun to use. Once you spread it and pat it in, it turns into a water texture.⁣
My Experience: This toner does a great job at hydrating my skin. It gives my skin a soft glow and plump look. The exfoliating properties are very gentle and I would feel comfortable using this every day. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth and ready for the rest of my skincare routine. It doesn't feel oily or sticky, so I think all skin types could enjoy using this!⁣

Overall I really enjoy using this toner. It's fun, unique and works really well as a hydrating and very gently exfoliating toner 💖.⁣


🌟 Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum 🌟⁣

📷by: @naturalbeautycorner_

⁣⁣The glow serum claims to help control sebum secretion and refine the pores while brightening the skin. It's supposed to leave you with fresh and dewy skin.⁣
⁣Key Ingredients: Propolis 60% (anti-inflammatory, brightening), Niacinamide 2% (brightening), Bird's Foot extract (moisturizing, soothing) and Tamanu Oil (acne scars reducing, repairing).⁣
The Texture: This serum has a honey-like texture that is glides over the skin very well. That makes it so easy to spread and feels very soothing and calming to me. It is more on the heavy and thicker side which makes it great for the colder seasons.⁣
My Experience: I'm loving this serum so much. It nourishes my skin incredibly well and keeps it very glowy and plump. It seems like any irritation I might have and any active breakouts calm down overnight when I use this. I love how dewy my skin looks when I use this, and with my dry skin I really need all the moisture I can get.⁣

Overall I'm super impressed by this serum. It might be one of my all-time favorites! I think all skin types could enjoy this, especially during the colder seasons. However, very oily skin might want to stick using this at night only.⁣


🌱Centella Asiatica Calming Mask🌱⁣

📷by: @naturalbeautycorner_

⁣This mask is supposed to moisturize the skin deeply while soothing it. It also claims to protect the skin barrier.⁣
⁣Key Ingredients: 15% Centella Asiatica extract (soothing, repairing damaged skin), 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating), Mugwort (soothing), Goji Berry (brightening) and Ginseng (moisturizing).⁣
⁣Fit & Adherence: The mask has such an interesting texture, it's almost stretchy in a way and super soft. The fit of the mask was good but just little short on the bottom for my face shape. It stuck to my skin well and didn't move or drip.⁣
My Experience: I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, afterwards there was still plenty of essence left so my neck also got some love. I didn't notice any particular scent. After removing it and patting in the essence my skin felt a little bit sticky, but after applying moisturizer that sensation disappeared. My skin looked calm, glowy and less red than before. It hydrated and soothed my skin incredibly well. I could totally see myself repurchasing this, because it worked super well! Highly recommend to people looking for an effective soothing mask.⁣

Which one is your favorite? Tell us down below 😉 

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