Anti Aging Sheet Mask Set

Anti Aging Sheet Mask Set

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Skin Type: You have aging, tired skin, lacking elasticity.

Goal: Combat and slow down the aging process. Tighten and lift your complexion, boost moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Nourish your skin with this anti aging set and leave your skin youthful and plump.

This set consists of Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese sheet masks essential for extra firming and lifting skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while boosting metabolism for a radiant skin. A set of 5 sheet masks that we pick specially for your skin needs with key ingredients such as tomato, collagen and Q10. Mask your way to vitality and firm skin with this sheet mask value set!

  • Each set includes 5 single-use sheet masks.
  • Set selection may vary by month but each sheet mask is available for individual purchase.

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