Vitamin C Mask 20pcs

Vitamin C Mask 20pcs

from Japan
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Sheet Mask from Melano CC formulated with Vitamin C & E derivatives combined with natural grapefruit and lemon extract and 4 kinds of moisturizing whitening essence. This mask not only deeply moisturizes the skin but also focuses on repairing the skin by fading and preventing dark spots and other skin damage due to sun exposure.

Recommended to use the mask once or twice a week.

Sulfate free, Silicone free, Alcohol free

  1. After washing your face and conditioning your skin with lotion, remove the mask from the bag and spread it carefully.
  2. Match the mask to the position of your eyes and mouth and make sure it fits over your face.
  3. Please leave the mask for a while (about 5 to 15 minutes) and then remove the mask.
  4. Apply the liquid remaining on the face surface to the skin with your hands.
  5. Emulsions, serums, creams, etc. can be used after using the mask.
Water, glycerin, BG, 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid (vitamin C derivative), tocopherol acetate (vitamin E derivative), ascorbic acid, lemon fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, sodium citrate, PPG-6 decyl Tetradeces-30, citric acid, EDTA-2Na, xanthan gum, hydroxylated K, ethanol, methyl paraben, fragrance

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